Experts reviewing tragedy video

Experts are combing through the wreckage of the stage rigging.

As families prepare for final goodbyes to their loved ones killed in the State Fair stage collapse, others are investigating just what went wrong.

The tragic images of Saturday night's collapse are also providing clues to investigators as to what may have gone wrong here. The rigging collapsed in a 70 mile per hour wind gust killing five people.

Several teams of investigators, many of them engineers, are looking over the video as well as the twisted pile of aluminum. They will be examining the design, manufacture, and construction of the rigging. One thing that's caught the attention of inspectors and other experts is the lack of cross-bracing tying the pillars of the rigging together.

"The fact that it did go over and pretty much a solid piece before it hit the ground indicated that the horizontal bracing was not in place, or was not adequate," says building inspector Keith Bentley.

We asked Mid-America Sound to provide more information about the rigging. The company says only that it's done business with the State Fair for more than a decade and points to a safety record of serving 600 different venues and 35 hundred performing artists across the country.

Meanwhile, funeral services are beginning for the victims of this tragedy. Services are scheduled for Nathan Lee Byrd here in Indianapolis at Calvary Tabernacle at 1 o'clock this afternoon. And in Fort Wayne visitation is scheduled for Alina Bigjohny this afternoon and evening.