Exclusive: Mother of Bisard crash victim speaks on one-year anniversary

Mary Wells
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INDIANAPOLIS - The mother of a motorcyclist killed in a crash with IMPD Officer David Bisard is talking only to Channel 13 about the emptiness and heartache that she says is indescribable one year later.

Mary Wells appeared exclusively on Eyewitness News at Noon and spoke candidly about the case that is winding through the court system and the plans to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the crash that killed her 30-year-old son Eric. The trial could take place in 2012.

"We've got it in the court system now," said Mary Wells. "We want to follow all the way through. It will be hard. Whatever the decision is, we will accept it. We have to accept it."

"It's been hard the whole time but the closer we get to what happened the more emotion there seems to be," said Mary Wells. "There are times when I'll wake up and cry Eric's name and of course, he's not there. I was told it gets easier over time. But unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be easier. And that's probably because of the case. We haven't had time to properly grieve for Eric."

Mary Wells now wears a heart locket with pictures of her son Eric. He was killed August 6, 2010. Two others, 44-year-old Kurt Weekly and 47-year-old Mary Mills, were seriously injured when officer David Bisard struck a group of motorcyclists with his squad car. Wells, Weekly and Mills were stopped at a red light at Brendon Way Parkway when they were hit.

"I go there quite often when I'm in town. We're constantly putting flowers and crosses out there and maintaining the site," said Wells.

IMPD concluded that officer David Bisard recklessly operated his semi-marked police vehicle, weaving in and out of traffic, with red/blue lights and sirens activated at a high rate of speed (73 mph in a 40 mph zone), while intoxicated. IMPD determined that Officer Bisard's use of his emergency equipment was without sufficient cause or need. IMPD concluded that his blood-alcohol content was .19% - more than twice the legal limit. However, the DUI charges were dismissed because the blood draw was not collected at a certified facility.

Mary Wells continues to believe police were involved in a cover-up.

"They protected this police officer because of the blue code. It doesn't make it any easier," said Wells.

The family will go back to the crash site at 56th and Brendan Way on Saturday, August 6 for a memorial and motorcycle ride. Organizers want participants to arrive at 9:00am Saturday in order to complete registration by 11:15am. Mary Wells says she has written a speech and knows the event will be emotional. Organizers say there is a fee of $25 per vehicle and no charge for passengers.

After the memorial, participants will ride to the City-County Building in downtown Indianapolis before proceeding to the Longacre Bar and Grille, and Witt's Inn in Whiteland, Indiana. Proceeds from the ride will help pay the medical bills for Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills.

IMPD Police Chief Paul Ciesielski issued this statement to Channel 13:

"We are doing everything we can to assist with this ride. We will be closing (or restricting) 56th St where the ride will begin. We will also have officers at every intersection on Ohio St when the ride comes off of the interstate. Our assistance will end once the ride gets to their initial destination by the City-County Building."

Wells says she wants Saturday's event to focus on her son.

"We now want to help celebrate Eric's life, who is was and what he lived for," said Wells.