Exclusive interview with Marcus Schrenker


Hours after pleading guilty to five felony charges of security fraud and realizing he faces up to ten years in prison, former Geist money manager Marcus Schrenker conducted an exclusive 20 minute interview with Eyewitness News anchor Scott Swan through closed circuit television at the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville. Background and an excerpt of that interview are below:

I (Scott Swan) had arranged to meet Schrenker after exchanging several letters while he was incarcerated.  Schrenker agreed to speak with me exclusively but asked me not to bring a camera.  I was the only person inside the lobby of the jail, picked up the telephone and saw Schrenker appear on the television screen.  Schrenker allowed me to take notes and gave me permission to share his thoughts with my viewers.

Here is an excerpt of our interview.

Scott Swan: "Marcus, what was today like for you?"

Marcus Schrenker: "Very sad.  I am struggling with emotional issues.  I have done 603 days in a county jail.  Every day I'm incarcerated is too long for me."

Scott Swan: "What did you think when you saw your wife (Michelle) in court?"

Marcus Schrenker:  "I am so angry and upset with her.  I don't care if I ever see her again.  She is just there for show. I don't even know who she is anymore.  Michelle sees this whole event as a checkbook event.  She's never had to work a day in her life.  I think she's not come to reality."

Scott Swan: "Were your children in the courtroom.  What have you told them?"

Marcus Schrenker: "The kids were not in court.  I have written them 250 letters and they've never written back.  I don't know what she's (Michelle) telling them."

Scott Swan: "You face 10 years in prison (at sentencing Oct. 7) after pleading guilty."

Marcus Schrenker: I'm praying it's (the sentence) concurrent.  I want to get my life back together."

Scott Swan: "When did you begin planning the plane crash?"

Marcus Schrenker: "In early January 2009, you have to remember what was happening.  I attended my step-father's funeral, Michelle filed for divorce the previous week, I lost the business and $30 million.  I just snapped."

Scott Swan: "Did Michelle know ahead of time about your plan to crash the plane?"

Marcus Schrenker: "I told Michelle what I was going to do.  I told her it would like like an accident.  Alot of people knew. Far more people were involved in the plane crash.  I said 'I'm going to take the airplane up to 24,000 feet and kill myself.  Me going away was a gift.  They wouldn't have to give up the house (on Geist Cocktail Cove).  If I would have died that night, it would have been a $10 million payout.   If I stayed, they would have gotten nothing.  If I died, they would get everything.  I wasn't trying to abandon my family.  I was tired of screwing up.  I was hooked on Oxycontin.  I was taking pain meds to treat depression.  I am not blaming my failure on anyone.  I know I embarrassed Indiana.  I am owning up to my failures.  I just snapped."

Scott Swan: "You owe clients alot of money (judge ordered more than $600,000 in restitution)."

Marcus Schrenker: "I'm lucky its not a large sum.  We're getting closer to a solution.  I want to come up with a constructive way to make these clients whole.  Michelle doesn't care about the investors.  I do."

Scott Swan: "Will you watch Michelle on the cable TV show 'Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?'"

Marcus Schrenker: "I will not watch."

Note: A spokesman for Michelle Schrenker, Leslie Garson, declined to comment on the interview.

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