Excise police crack down on big IU party weekend

Excise police are cracking down on underage drinking
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Big thrills, big spills and when the Little 500 ends, the year's biggest party weekend begins in Bloomington.

But the party could end early, when excise officers make underage students pour out alcohol they were transporting.

Oftentimes, the trouble starts with trying to pass along a fake ID.

"We actually saw someone last night," said a group of IU students on Kirkwood Avenue Friday night.

They did not see IU basketball players Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson, who were arrested at Kilroy's Sports Bar Friday morning. Excise police say they were trying to get in on phony IDs. Both men are underage.

"I think they underestimated how much they are celebrities at this point in their career, so any bouncer would recognize them from the basketball team," said student Nathan Troscinski.

"He's an idiot, because everybody knows who he is and they know how old he is," said another student.

"I thought they should just know not to do something like that. It's pretty obvious, if you're going into sports," said student Ben Mertz.

"You expect it out of some guys, maybe. Not the leaders, not the captain," said student Jordan Shane.

"I apologize for letting down my family, coaches, teammates and fans," Ferrell said in a release. "And truly regret the mistake I made."

Coach Tom Crean also commented in a statement Friday afternoon.

"This is about poor judgment, selfishness of actions and disrespect for what this program stands for," he said.

At Nick's English Hut on Kirkwood, they see all the tricks.

"We will see some try to pass their ID down to someone else in line. They have some pretty good ones (bogus IDs) coming over from China," Nick's manager Zachary Coddens said.

He says his doormen keep up with trends like "subtle aspects of IDs you can look at." But there are things he can't talk about.

"Some stuff they haven't caught on to," Coddens said.

State Excise Police are working to catch underage drivers transporting alcohol this weekend - an all too common problem. When they catch them, they have to pour it all down the drain.

Everyone caught on alcohol charges this weekend is issued a summons to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Sunday. They will be assigned to road crews to clean up streets and when that's over spend the afternoon in alcohol training classes.

The two IU basketball players may be out there on trash brigade with everyone else.