Ex-soldier stung in Internet sextortion plot

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A Craig's List ad looked to be a 14-year-old girl promising sex. A 19-year-old man answered it and allegedly showed up to illegally meet the girl a hotel.

But the 14-year-old would not turn out to be the person he was counting on. Now one of the men faces charges. And not the 19-year-old who answered the ad.

Adam Blazak, a 28-year-old man of Kokomo, is charged with extortion and kidnapping. He allegedly posed as that 14-year-old Craig's List girl.

He told police he just wanted to catch a predator.

But unlike Dateline NBC's TO CATCH A PREDATOR where Chris Hanson watched investigators set up stings to nab men who thought they were meeting minors - Police say Blazak had a different plan.

The IU Kokomo Dean's List student and Army veteran traveled to Seattle.

After exchanging up to 100 emails, Blazak met the 19-year-old man at the hotel. Police say Blazak, armed with a flashlight claiming to be FBI, put the man on the floor and cuffed him.

Then Blazak allegedly said he'd let the 19-year-old go free in exchange for cash.

The other man withdrew almost $200.00 and gave it to Blazak who let him go. But not until he says Blazak berated him for paying so little.

The 19-year-old guy called police who arrested Blazak.

In his Kokomo neighborhood, they can't believe it.

"I know him a whole lot different then the way he's being portrayed now," says a neighbor who lives across the street. "It's kind of scary," says another.

Skiler Berndt, who also lives across the road says, "I've known him a year or two he's lived over there...I haven't had any problem with the gentleman."