Ex-con helps pastor find takers for gun buyback program

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An Indianapolis pastor collecting weapons off the streets added to the stash over the weekend. Several people decided to turn in their illegally possessed weapons for cash as part of the buyback program underway in Indianapolis.

Ex-con Brian Abron started facilitating more weapon surrenders after turning in his own AK-47 to Pastor Damon Roach. Since then, almost every day, Abron has gotten calls from young men with felony convictions wanting to surrender their weapons.

So far the guns turned in have ranged from automatic handguns to automatic assault rifles including several AK-47 models.

Abron has turned his life around, giving up "gang banging," and he says some of the young men who look up to him have indicated their desire to follow the same path. 

Pastor Roach contacts the Marion County Sheriff's Department for pick-up after the weapons are surrendered at his East 38th Street church. None of the guns will end up back on the street.

Marion County Sheriff John Layton will order all the guns surrendered destroyed in the basement of the main jail.

People turning in weapons earn cash in the buyback program with no questions asked. For example, people turning in automatic assault rifles get $300 cash. In all there is a $10,000 kitty for the buyback program.

Roach's goal is to have 1,000 Indianapolis pastors collect at least one gun in order to get 1,000 guns off the streets of Indianapolis.