Evidence of drugs, abuse uncovered in toddler's fatal stabbing

Micah Harrison
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We are getting a clearer picture of the man accused of stabbing his toddler to death. Noblesville Police are giving us a first look at evidence in the case which includes possible motives for the crime.

Eyewitness News has been digging through court records. A handful of search warrants uncovered evidence of mental illness, drug use and a father with a short and violent temper.

Micah Harrison admitted to killing his two-year-old son to the first police officer he saw arriving at his mother's Noblesville apartment. That and other details of the unexplained murder are included in court documents obtained by Eyewitness News.

After finding Michael Harrison stabbed to death in the apartment bedroom, police collected significant amounts of evidence and information from witnesses, among them, the boy's grandmother.

Pamela Harrison "...indicated that her son had a prior drug history but no known mental illness or psychological issues to her knowledge."

From previous court documents we learned that Harrison told investigators her son said someone or something was trying to kill him. After watching Micah attack a closet door with a claw hammer, she found him stabbing his son to death.

According to court documents, investigators found rolling papers and a wad of cash in the bedroom where the boy was killed. There was a leather belt on the kitchen counter.

When authorities took Michael's older sisters to be interviewed, before entering the building documents reveal "the girls insisted taking off their shoes. The five-year-old child stated that her dad would give the kids a 'whoppin' and would hit with his hand, a fly swatter and a belt."

The night of the murder, witnesses told us they had seen a man outside the apartment looking angry as he rounded up three children. A young woman living nearby said, "He screamed at the little boy to get back here and took off running after him and spanked him."

Another witness told police 15 minutes before they arrived, the boy "did not have shoes on his feet. He was carrying them" and crying. The man "appeared very irritated, with his irritation directed very strongly at the young boy."

Detectives also seized Micah Harrison's pickup truck parked out side the apartment and several tool bags found inside. A witness, according to the court documents, "places Micah rummaging through the bed of the truck, mere minutes before the attack."

Police seized the truck's GPS system to check on where Harrison had been before the murder. They are testing a hand rolled cigarette for drugs.

The results of the five search warrants do not mention any drugs found in the apartment or test results done on blood samples taken from Harrison.

That information could be in another search warrant that investigators are still working on.