Ethics panel could meet soon on Indiana lawmaker

Eric Turner
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The Indiana House Ethics Committee could meet soon to determine whether a top Republican lawmaker erred in lobbying for his family's nursing home business.

House Speaker Pro Tem Eric Turner of Cicero argued against a nursing home ban that would have hurt his son's business during private meetings of House Republicans in the final days of the legislative session. Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma called last week for a review by the House Ethics Committee.

Ethics Chairman Greg Steuerwald said Wednesday the panel plans to review Turner's case and could meet as soon as the second week in April.

Steuerwald said he didn't know yet whether anyone would testify.

Eric Turner issued this statement Wednesday:

"I am very pleased Speaker Bosma has acted swiftly and asked the House Ethics Committee to review this matter and I am hopeful Chairman Steuerwald will call a meeting as soon as possible. I am extremely confident the House Ethics Committee will find I have acted within the Rules of the House of Representatives, as I have for my entire 24 year career in the Indiana General Assembly. In two different House committees, Public Health and Ways & Means, the moratorium issue included in SB 173, was presented, debated, and voted on by the full committees. In both instances, I recused myself from voting. When the bill came to the floor of the Indiana House, I recused myself from voting. And finally when the conference committee on HB 1391 was voted on by the full House, I again recused myself.

 My actions and statements on the nursing home moratorium issue during this last session were squarely within House Rules and the House Code of Ethics. I look forward to fully cooperating with the House Ethics Committee and I firmly believe once all the facts are presented, it will be determined that I acted well within the House Rules and the House Code of Ethics."

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