Ernest Jasper died trying to help his Franklin neighbor


One of the victims of last week's murder-suicide in Franklin was remembered Sunday night.

Police say 21-year-old Andrew Parish murdered two people and injured two others before killing himself. Detectives believe the shooting started after a fight between Parish and his former girlfriend.

The gunfire killed both his ex-girlfriend's roommate and a neighbor who came to help when the fighting started.

That neighbor was 46-year-old Ernest Jasper, who was honored 
during an emotional day for friends and family in Franklin.

Jasper's family lost their husband and father.  He was described as someone who would help a stranger without question and without hesitation.  There were many hugs during his visitation. People waited in long lines at the funeral home.

It was a testament, friends and family members say, to the depth of his character, that so many people wanted to say goodbye. Teresa Richardson of Nineveh was one of them.

"Stick his hand out and help anyone," she said, describing Jasper. "If they said, 'Hey, I need help. Will you help me?' and I mean in the way of doing something for them, giving them anything that they'd need."

In fact, that's what he was doing last week in Franklin - helping someone in need.  In this case it was a neighbor whose ex-boyfriend came over and started fighting.  The outcome:  Four people were shot at the home, two of them killed.  The gunman eventually turned the gun on himself.  

The focus Sunday though, was on the life that Ernie Jasper led, and the fact that he died trying to save others.  

His funeral will be Monday at 1:00 p.m. in Franklin.