Energy audits save money for homeowners

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If you're looking to cut costs on your energy bill, now is the time to check the efficiency of your home.  Small changes can lead to big savings.

An energy audit can probably save you money.

Pretty soon we'll be kicking on the furnace. But before you do, you may want to make sure it's running as efficiently as it can.

Energizing Indiana is the program put on by local utilities to help you make that assessment. It's free of charge.

"The utility rates have already funded the energy kits that we bring out," explained Mike Bass of Energize Indiana. "The kit includes at least 14 CFL light bulbs with two shower heads and three faucet aerators to save on hot water."

An auditor will come to your home and look at all the areas where you may be losing heating and cooling.

They inspect air ducts, insulation ventilation, and recommend where to make changes.

"Along with measures we install and recommendations, we're looking to see 10-to-20 percent savings with a customer," said Bass. "We're trying to save 1000 kilowatt hours with each home we assess."

The inspection takes about an hour, depending on the size of your home. To qualify for an audit, your home has to have been built before 2010.

When the inspection is complete, you'll get an assessment and auditors will leave you with tools to help you make the changes to cut your energy costs.