Empty white bread shelves: Blame the white stuff

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The storm brought plenty of snow and rough roads and plenty of demand.

"People buying you out?" Eyewitness News asked a store clerk with a hand truck full of supplies.

"Oh yeah, soon as we get it off the truck," the clerk replied.

"No one on the east side has any snow shovels anywhere," says a shopper at Fusek's Hardware downtown Indianapolis.

Consumers emptied some hardware and grocery aisles and those roads have made it hard for some stores to restock.

At a north side grocery, we found a few empty shelves Tuesday morning. One shopper told us, "Milk and bread. People I guess panicked a bit. Buy things enough for a week. It's only going to be two or three days. They just want to stock up."

Another shopper noticed the shortages, too, in some spots.

"There are not very many fresh fruits or vegetables," at one store she visited. "This is the first I've ever seen that."

"Our deliveries are going to be about two days late," says Albert Rene Trevino of Rene's Bakery in Broad Ripple.

They buy a lot of supplies locally, but "the important things I use, my flour and some special baking products, those have been more of a concern to me."

He says his regular flour delivery should have shown up at 7 a.m., but there was no truck.

Albert was lucky, though. He overstocked with the holiday.

"I'm more concerned with a power outage," he said, and also concerned about his employees driving to work.

Back at Fusek's Hardware, "we put in an emergency order for extra snow shovels and heaters. Due to the shutdown, it still hasn't made it actually. Still waiting on that order," said Josh Mitchner.

But one late truck did make it through the now-reopened I-65 from Chicago. And it looked like Christmas morning on the Fusek's sales floor.

"We got wiper blades and pipe insulation," says Mitchner.

And of course those much-wanted snow shovels.

"We could have used it this morning. Been turning people away all afternoon," he said.

As soon as the supplies come out of the box, they end up at the cash register.

"It's a lifesaver right now, absolutely," said shopper Luke Snyder.

"Now I'm ready," another new shovel owner said.