Emergency plans and "go kits"


Severe weather events like tornadoes and straight line winds remind us of how powerful and deadly nature can be. That's why it's important to have "go kit" assembled and ready to grab as you head to safety.

Some of those items you'll need are a three-day supply of non-perishable food, a three-day supply of water, which translates into one gallon of water per person per day, copies of important documents, including identification and credit cards, prescription medications, a first aid kit, and a battery powered radio.

What to put in your kit - Get a complete checklist of recommended items.

Discuss a plan with your family so everyone knows what to do in an emergency - especially so you can meet up at an agreed location in case you're evacuating from different areas.

As you prepare, don't forget about your four-legged friends. Always keep at least a three-day supply of water and food for each pet. In a waterproof container have a current picture of your pet, in case you get separated. It's smart to get your pet microchipped now in case you get separated. Have a plan in place to take your pet to a kennel, or friend's house if you need evacuate. Many shelters for people will not accept animals.

Learn about the best way to ensure your pet's safety in a weather emergency.