Email dangers possible in Target hacking

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You swiped your card, now others are trying to swipe your information.

A shopping cart full of new potential victims of the Target security breach means almost one in three U.S. adults may have financial information at risk.

"Wow," says a Target shopper just absorbing the new information out Friday from Target.

Target shoppers told us they have been monitoring their credit statements since the breach announced just before Christmas.

"I always keep track of mine, always," says shopper Carrie Turner. "And I think it's ridiculous people do things like that and get away with it."

Now tonight, we're told shoppers' home phones, addresses and email addresses may be in hackers' hands, opening them up to a whole new threat.

"It's very frightening," says Teresa Eagan.

So how can she protect herself?

At Indy-based ROOK Security, they watch for cyber attacks against corporate clients. They are not involved in the Target case, but say it's bad news that Target's hackers also captured customer's emails.

"Spam and fishing attacks will likely increase," says Rook's Luke Klink.

So if you used a credit or debit card at Target between pre-Thanksgiving period and mid-December, be cautious now about emails you open. Even if they look legit.

"They're phishing for information," Klink says. "They're going to get you to click on a link, take you to a site that's going to try to get more information out of you."

So don't share personal data with someone who emailed you an offer. Or even "some type of mail service, says 'track your package.' Did I even send a package? Is there a package waiting for me?" Klink says. "So it gets you to click on a link. Might take you to a site to install malware to your system."

Experts say only give personal information when you have contacted a company through a website that you know is legitimate.

Target is still offering free credit report tracking to it's potentially affected customers.

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