Elwood football players accused of bringing hydrocodone to game

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Two Elwood Community High School football players could face adult drug charges.

Elwood police arrested the 16- and 17-year-old students at the school just before the Panthers took to the field Friday night.

Elwood Superintendent Tim Smith said the two were suiting up when an assistant coach noticed them "exchanging medication."

The assistant then notified the head coach and school officials, who contacted police. They found the teens had 7.5 milligrams of hydrocodone, a powerful painkiller derived from codeine.

The two were taken into police custody and later released to their parents. Smith said school officials searched the locker room and other areas afterward, but didn't find anything.

"It is unique that it happened on school grounds, but we hope and think it's an isolated situation," he said.

Marty Bevington, who owns a pet shop in Elwood, said, "People know it goes on, but I think it's one of those things where you don't expect it to happen."

Hearing the news, Jai Greene said, "Pills are a big problem with teenage kids these days and it's a shame."

Both teens were charged with possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, one with dealing a Schedule III controlled substance. Smith said he couldn't discuss whether they would be suspended or face other disciplinary action.

Bevington called it unfortunate for everyone involved.

"It's a negative situation that happened, but let's get the community together and learn from it, not berate the kids, but hopefully they've learned from it and they're families have come together and talked about it."

Greene, who's raised five children echoed that.

"You need to talk to your child and let him know the dangers of it and the stupidity of it. Why throw your life away for something like that? It doesn't make any sense," she said.

As for the impact on the football team?

"Our team is a good group of kids and they'll perform with or without the two individuals," Smith said.