Elephants escape from circus

Photo Courtesy: Alli Tunncliff
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Three elephants escaped from the Moolah Shrine Circus near St. Louis Saturday.

A few cars were damaged, but no one was hurt.

Three elephants escaped the arena during the show.  It was about 5 p.m. Saturday in St. Charles, Missouri.  They went out the back of the arena into a parking lot where employees cars were parked.

Alli Tunncliff had just arrived and was planning to attend the next show when she captured the elephants on camera outside near the parking lot. 

"We saw the other people running and we're like 'Oh my God! They're escaping! What's going on?!'"

They estimate it took around 45 minutes for several trainers to coral the three elephants between two trailers.

"You could tell they were so upset like, 'Oh my gosh our animals are running around.' They were so upset and scared," said Karyn Tunncliff.

No one was hurt - but the animals did do damage to several vehicles.

Witnesses who were inside the arena for the circus, say the crowd was yelling when the animals got spooked and busted out the doors.

The crowd was allowed to leave after the animals were safely back into their trailers.

The Tunncliffs said the incident didn't scare them off.  And in true circus fashion... the second show of the night "did go on".

The elephants didn't take part in the second show, but are expected to perform again on Sunday.