Edinburgh puppy nearly cut in half

Benjamin was found on the streets of Edinburgh.
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Jennie Runevitch/Eyewitness News

Edinburgh - Police are investigating a possible case of animal cruelty, after someone found a puppy nearly sliced in half in southern Johnson County.

The playful 7-month-old puppy, nicknamed Benjamin by the staff at Animal Control, somehow survived the horrific injury, and is now on the mend.

Someone found Benjamin wandering in the street in Edinburgh. They put the puppy in a box and brought it to the shelter. Animal control says the puppy got there just in time.

He had a deep cut around his midsection, that required surgery and nearly 30 stitches.

"It was the entire circumference of the dog except for about one inch on its back, almost a complete circle,"  said Animal Control Warden Emily Williamson. "We had to make a decision: do we euthanize this dog or do we try to fix this dog?"

Williamson said the injury may have been caused by a freak accident. But she strongly suspects something criminal.

"It looks like he was cut. It looked like from a sharp instrument. It's kind-of hard to believe it could have happened any other way," Williamson said.

"How could someone possibly have done that to something? He's a sweet dog. He's very very sweet,"  said Dawn Phelps, with Johnson County Animal Control.

It will be at least three weeks before Benjamin is healed and ready for adoption. In the meantime, police are trying to find out who may have hurt him.

"If someone did this, I'd imagine they'll be brought to justice and that they'll be prosecuted,"  Phelps said.

An animal cruelty charge carries up to one year in jail.

The workers at Animal Control are thankful Benjamin survived, and hopes if someone knows what happened to him, they'll call the shelter at 736-3924.