Edgewood officer charged in fatal crash

James Foutch

Charges have been filed against an Edgewood Police officer for causing a fatal crash Sunday morning in Madison County. Investigators say the police officer was speeding, and that he admitted to taking prescription drugs.

According to court documents, the police officer, James Foutch, took hydrocodone around seven hours and a half before the fatal crash.

The aftermath was devastating. The victims' car wrapped around a utility pole on State Road 32 in Madison County.

Rebecca Sperry, who was nine months pregnant, was driving. Her husband was in the passenger's seat.

Rebecca saw a Yukon speeding behind her and said to her husband, "Oh my gosh, look at this guy. He is like flying. I think he is going to hit us."

Investigators determined the off-duty officer was going 92 miles per hour and didn't brake.

Rebecca said the Yukon "full out nailed them." She thought her vehicle rolled once because she remembers seeing sky.

Her husband wasn't moving. Jesse Sperry was pronounced dead at the scene.

After she was hospitalized, an emergency C-section was done and the couple's new daughter, Autumn Marie, was born.

In addition to admitting that he took hydrocodone about seven and a half hours before the crash, Foutch also told investigators he took a Xanax the day before the crash. Officers say his speech was slurred at the scene.

Prosecutors are still waiting on toxicology tests, but filed six charges Thursday.


Ct-1 Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death, I.C. Code 9-30-5-5, as a Class B Felony (Causing death of another person to wit Jesse Sperry)

Ct-2 Operating While Intoxicated Causing Serious Bodily Injury, I.C. Code 9-30-5-4, as a Class D Felony. (Causing serious bodily injury to another person to wit Rebecca Sperry)

Ct-3 Reckless Driving, I.C. Code 9-21-8-52, as a Class A Misdemeanor.

The Madison County Prosecutor also has added the charge of Reckless Homicide as a Class C Felony, I.C. 35-42-1-5.