East side restaurant break-ins


Indianapolis Metro police are investigating three break-ins at three east side restaurants.

"They left us with a huge mess and an expense of a new door and trying to find someone on a Sunday to get us a new door," said restaurant owner Jan Dye.

Jan Dye showed us what's left of her side door at her east side restaurant.

Inside the Tie Die Grill, the restaurant owner cleaned up the glass after the early morning break-in.

"This is all the glass we cleaned up from the door everywhere. It shattered everywhere. Like I said, it cut the police officer's hand," said Dye,

Dye showed us a rock she says was used to shatter the door. The restaurant is normally closed on Sundays. This is the third time the restaurant has been broken into in the 7 years the Dyes have owned the business.

"It's just frustrating. You work hard every day and people take advantage of you," said Dye.

A few blocks down Shadeland avenue, Manley's Irish Mutt on 10th street also had an unwanted visitor around 6- Sunday morning.

Owner Michael Manley caught the suspect on camera:  "I'm just glad we were able to catch it all and that no one was hurt."

There were a total of three restaurant break-ins on the east side of town Sunday morning.

A suspect broke into the Texas Roadhouse first- triggered the alarm- then shattered the door at the Tie Dye Grill. The suspect than apparently tried to use an umbrella poll to break into Manley's Irish Mutt.

It didn't work- the suspect never got inside Manley's Irish Mutt- but, cameras captured his face, even when he tried to hide.

"He's going to put a chair over his head," said Manley.

Mike Manley has shared this video with police in hopes that the criminal stay away from the east side.

"People are really trying to build east side back up and there has been a lot of progress made and that has to do with everyone looking out for each other," said Mike Manley.

Both restaurant owners said nothing was taken from their business.

If you recognize the suspect in this video, you are asked to call police.