East Indianapolis family terrified by armed home invasion


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A family in the Martindale Brightwood area of east Indianapolis survived a frightening home invasion. It's one of the areas IMPD calls a focus area for reducing violent crimes.

When the mother and her family moved to the 2900 block of Station Street, they knew they were moving into a hot spot for crime. But they never expected to come under attack.

Marisol Estrada just couldn't fight back the tears thinking about her five kids and talking about two masked gunmen who surprised them at home.

"It was so scary," Estrada said. "We saw two men, big tall men, just walk in with big guns and they're, like, 'Drop to the floor and give us all your money.'"

One of the gunmen entered the living room to try to steal their television. Marisol feared the worst, because she and her relatives had a total of eight children playing upstairs.

"I have a four-month-old and a six-year-old. The six-year-old came down here. When he came, he was frozen," Estrada said. "He was looking at the guy in the mask. We just told him to go upstairs. He ran and told the kids that there was a monster."

The gunmen eventually left through the back patio door and made their getaway by running north in the alley. Their kids gave them the all clear after seeing the suspects flee from their upstairs bedroom window.

The home invasion not only left Marisol terrified, but also with ongoing pain from being struck by one of the gunmen.

"When he hit me with his whole arm, I guess..and when he hit me i could not do nothing else," she said.

Although both men wore masks on their faces, the victims hopes someone can help police catch their attackers. If you have any information on the suspects who did the home invasion on Station Street, call crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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