East coast blizzard hits close to home for Indianapolis couple

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It's being called a historic blizzard. While local agencies and utility companies prepare to offer assistance and services to the northeast after the massive storm blows through Saturday, one local volunteer is already there.

The sights and sounds of Superstorm Sandy are still fresh as thousands of people along the northeast coast suffered a heavy blow that swept away homes and livelihoods.

"The devastation at that time was just heartbreaking to see," said Ron Davault, a Red Cross volunteer.

And Davault saw it from the front lines. He's a Red Cross volunteer from central Indiana who was there then and just happens to be back now, three months later, still providing critical help to Sandy victims. Now a new disaster brings along new worries.

"It's already hampering our efforts in terms of slowing us down of meeting with clients. We pulled everyone in off the road and closed our headquarters," said Davault.

Ron Davault is stationed near New Brunswick, NJ in the northern part of the state. Right now, the models are calling for a up to six inches of snow. That could be just enough to alter his mission and it's more than enough to concern his wife here at home who suddenly has a big interest in New Jersey weather.

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"He was supposed to come home this weekend. But, it's like, oh my gosh, he may not be home next weekend. It may be longer that he's there," said Marcia Davault.

While Ron and Marcia Davault are committed to the cause. They know how to make the best of a challenging situation.

"He doesn't have a shovel and I'm sure he doesn't have a scraper and he has a tiny little rental car, so he doesn't have the resources we have here. I picture hot cocoa, a fire, and a sled, but I don't think that's what he's in for," laughed Marcia.

"Well, we'll be safe. She needn't worry about that and I will miss seeing her lovely face for Valentine's Day, so we'll have to postpone that," said Ron.

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The American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis has several volunteers already on the east coast still helping with the Sandy recovery.

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