Early voting ends Monday

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Early voting in Marion County ended at noon Monday, and the numbers were down considerably from 2008.

Some 39,190 residents voted early in 2012, in contrast with 73,549 who voted early in the 2008 general election. However, in 2008, there were two additional satellite voting sites, making early voting a more attractive option for tens of thousands of residents. The county nixed those voting sites for 2012.

Monday alone, 1,366 people cast their votes, compared to 1,693 the day before the election in 2008.

Find your polling place here.

The line to vote snaked around the corner at the City-County Building Monday.

"As a citizen, if I'm out here by myself, I'm not going to be able to get anyone elected," said Spencer Clapp. "But with a lot of these other persons, I hope we can get positive people elected that are going to do the right thing for the majority of people." 

Of course, in order for that to happen, people have to come out and vote. In the last general election in 2008, only 56 percent of voters in Marion County actually cast ballots, and that was a record high number.

With 3,000 poll workers, Clerk Beth White is preparing for at least several people to be slow to open polling sites on Tuesday.  "In the spring, I think we had three that didn't open right at 6, and those were all situations where someone's car broke down, someone overslept, it's never perfect," White said. "But we really do feel good about where we are and we believe that the poll workers are going to be up and working and ready to go at 6 a.m."

Keep in mind, your polling place may have changed, especially if you haven't voted since 2008. Check online to be sure you go to the right place and remember to bring a photo ID.