Early voting continues in Indiana


The next two days are critical for Decision 2012. The polls on Election Day open at 6 am. But thousands of people are already casting ballots in early voting. They found long lines with wait times over an hour.

We've been beaten over the head with campaign commercials for months and now. We've been given lots of reasons on social media why voters came out early. Most of the early voters are doing so because it's practical.

Many stood in the rain on a cold rainy Saturday afternoon, for an hour or more in Zionsville and Carmel too.

The shortest lines were in the Indianapolis City County building. In Hendricks County, the voting booths were empty by 4:00pm. "I had intended to vote early, but I did get here early enough, said one voter.

But plenty of others did. "Every day it has steadily increased and today has, of course, been a record," says Laura Herzog, Hendricks County Election Supervisor. Herzog says 9,500 people have already cast their vote in Hendricks County.

One woman told Eyewitness News that her parents made her vote. Audrian Ransom is voting for the first time. She takes her new civic duty seriously. "Some of the things are not good like they should be," she says.

Ranson says she did her research: a lesson she learned from her parents.

Seventy percent of the registered voters in Hendricks County showed up for the last general election. They are on pace for a record turnout this year.