Early voters turning out in force in Marion County

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Election Day is 22 days away, but Hoosiers can cast their ballots anytime between now and then. So far, early voting is surprisingly heavy in Marion County.

"I think there are really, really clear choices for everybody this election," said early voter Beth Lorsbach.

Voters are turning out in greater numbers than in the near record-setting 2008 election. The economy was heading off a cliff. For the first time in decades, Indiana was a player in the presidential race and for the first time, a major political party had an African-American candidate for president.

None of that is true this year, yet voting is up a surprising 24 percent.

"It's the presidential race," said Roger Stevens.

"I think it's the Senate race," said Theresa Washington.

Both are close, highly-contested races, rich in rhetoric and negative campaign ads.

"It's become so partisan, so much split between Democrats and Republicans, every person who comes and votes is actually voting with quite a statement this year," said Gabriel Filipelli.

Stevens says he is making a statement to President Barack Obama.

"We've had a lot of promises four years ago. They weren't kept. The economy is in shambles," he said.

It's Republican Mitt Romney's statement on 47 percent of voters not counting that has Walter Harris voting.

"That fired me up. It's about the poor, not the one percent, but the 99 and 100 percent," Harris said.

Controversy, dissatisfaction, and the increasing distance between Republicans and Democrats are hardening voters' convictions and bringing them together in the ballot box.

Four years ago, Marion County also had satellite voting centers in local neighborhoods. This year, you can only cast early ballots at the clerk's office at the City-County Building.

Marion County Clerk Beth White says people who want to vote early should do so soon, because she's expecting long lines as we get closer to Election Day.