Early voters account for one in ten at polls

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There are 700,000 registered voters in Indianapolis, and so far almost 40,000of them have voted.

Many voting Sunday afternoon told Eyewitness News they were voting to avoid the long lines on Tuesday.

That may be a smart move, considering that almost every precinct in the county has changed.

There are now 600 precincts and just under 300 polling places. Mayor Ballard changed the precincts and now Marion County Clerk Beth White has to make sure everything is good for election day.

Every vote cast in the Marion County Clerk's office before the polls open Tuesday gets put into an envelope, which is new to this election. The envelopes are then sent to the voter's precinct on election day, where the votes are counted.

Early voting accounts for 10 percent of the overall vote, which is more than enough to sway a tight race.

If, for some reason, the ballots cannot be read by the machine, poll workers will fill out a new ballot or a remake ballot. White says a bi-partisan group is responsible for any spoiled ballots, "At least three - Democrat clerk, Republican clerk, non-partisan inspector," said White.  

With all of the changes to precincts, and the addition of ten new polling places, will there be enough volunteers on election day? White says there will be. "You know that elections are not ever perfect. There are 3,000 poll workers. Somebody is going to oversleep," White predicts.

Early voting ends Monday at noon in Marion County.

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