'Early release' convict sentenced to over 270 years in Greenwood rape

Shawn Corbally
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A man who served just half of a 25-year sentence for rape is going back to prison for doing it again.

Shawn Corbally was sentenced to 45 years on six felony counts for a total of 270 years. He could face an addition 20 years on top of that.

In February 2013, a Johnson County jury found Corbally guilty for attacking a woman last summer in her own bed.

Corbally apologized after learning the verdict, but not to his victim.

"I apologize to my family for running their name through the mud," Corbally said.

The victim, who we are not identifying, was repeatedly and brutally raped in her Greenwood apartment last July while her two young children slept nearby.

"I'm just glad cretins like this are off the streets," she said. "It was hard being in the same room with him, having him snarl at me. But I gave him daggers right back and smiled at him just now, thinking, 'have fun.'"

That is the beginning of a newfound strength this victim has gained as she moves forward toward healing.

"Glad I don't have to worry about him coming back and killing me. He's a convicted serial rapist," she said.

Outrage over his release led to changes in the way sex offenders are monitored in Indianapolis.

Corbally had previous rape conviction

Shawn Corbally was sentenced to 25 years in prison for brutally beating and raping an Indianapolis woman in 2000.

"He threw me out of the car naked and I had to run and knock on a stranger's door for help," the victim told Eyewitness News.

Throughout his prison stay, Corbally was far from a model inmate, according to his IDOC conduct history obtained by 13 Investigates.

Prison records show he was cited 23 separate times for breaking prison rules.

Among the violations: refusing a drug or alcohol test, possessing intoxicants, use of a dangerous weapon, three separate batteries, and conduct listed as disorderly, disruptive and rowdy.

IDOC took away some of Corbally's earned good time credit as a result of the violations.

But most of the deprived credits were later restored – despite a continued pattern of poor conduct – and Corbally received more than eleven years of good time credit that helped him cut a 25-year sentence to less than twelve.

Early release

He was released from prison in February 2012. Within a few months, police say the convicted rapist struck again.

In addition to the Greenwood incident, Corbally is also accused of sexually assaulting an Indianapolis woman inside an apartment building laundry room.

Asked why Corbally received more than a decade of good time credit despite his lengthy list of conduct violations inside prison, an IDOC spokesman defended the decision, which 13 Investigates reported last November.

"Corbally lost 765 days of credit time, of which only 441 days was restored," wrote IDOC chief communications officer Douglas Garrison, pointing out that prison officials did take disciplinary against Corbally which resulted in a delayed released date. "Corbally spent nearly 15 months LONGER in prison than he would have if he had behaved better."

But why IDOC granted Corbally more than 4,000 days of good time credit (90% of the time he was eligible to receive) despite batteries, dangerous weapons, and rowdy behavior behind bars, is a mystery to some state lawmakers.