Dwayne Sawyer sworn in as new Indiana state auditor

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Indiana has a new state auditor.

Former Brownsburg Council Chairman Dwayne Sawyer has received a promotion. Now he will have 18 months to prove to voters he is worthy of being elected in his own right.

"I am here to serve."

With those five words former Brownsburg Council President Dwayne Sawyer took the oath of office to become Indiana's state auditor Monday morning.

Governor Mike Pence appointed Sawyer to complete the remaining time left in the term of former auditor Tim Berry, who moved on to become the new Indiana GOP chairman.

Governor Pence called Sawyer a man of integrity and experience.

"Because he has been trusted in lesser things, he is today being trusted with greater things," said Pence.

Sawyer cited those lesser things in carrying out his new duties.

"As a former Town Council President I understand the importance of disbursements to counties, cities, towns and to school districts," he said.

The man he is replacing, Tim Berry, praised Sawyer's selection.

"He's going to do a great job over the next 18 months and in that time he will command the respect of taxpayers across the state to give him a full 4 year term as the next state auditor," said Berry.

Democrats wish Sawyer well but are questioning the transition, among other things.

John Zody is state chairman of the Democratic Party.

"We have the governor's job creation agency under investigation. The BMV is overcharging for license plates. Superintendent Bennett was doing political campaigning on state resources with email so lots of questions about this administration," said Zody.

While Sawyer is the first African-American Republican to hold statewide elective office, he is not the first to hold statewide office. That honor belongs to Harriette Conn, who was appointed state public defender by the State Supreme Court in May 1970.

But for today, this was about a first for in the Sawyer family - including his wife, Melissa, and three children Cassandra, Grace and Garrett." They all seemed comfortable on the big stage - and Sawyer's father and his 96-year-old grandmother were watching in the crowd.