Drug problems plagued neighborhood before four murders

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Police have remained at the Bartholomew County home where four people were found shot to death over the weekend.

A Bartholomew County sheriff's dispatcher said early Monday that she had no new information available about the investigation into the deaths of three men and a woman that were discovered Saturday night in the in the community of Waynesville.

Waynesville is a small town that is dealing with a big problem. Four people were shot to death late Saturday night - Thomas "Tommy" Smith, Aaron Cross and Shawn Burton were found in the living room, while Katherine Burton was found in her bedroom. Police were called when Katherine Burton's son came home and found his mother's house filled with unspeakable horror.  

Renee Haesley told Eyewitness News she is Tommy Smith's aunt.  His mother, her sister, lives in North Carolina. "I'm the only relative around here" said Haeseley.

Renee had to made the most difficult call of her life in the early hours of Mother's Day when she told her sister, "There was a terrible tragedy, and that their son was involved and she just kept saying' 'Renee, what is it?' And it was real hard to say 'Your son was murdered.'"

All four of the victims have been in some kind of trouble with the police, though no one living nearby suspected their lives would end so violently.

But drugs had become part of the neighborhood, according to Stevie Furkin. "They have been known to, eh, mess with drugs," Furkin told Eyewitness News.  He suspects smelling methamphetamine, "But there are quite a few others at the time," Furkin added.   

Furkin is related to Shawn Burton, who was found shot in the front of the house. Two years ago, Furkin's brother was shot by another of the four victims - Tommy Smith.  "They was just in a dispute and he called him out, and he stepped over the line. Bare-handed and he was out with a gun and shot him through the stomach," said Furkin.  

Furkin said drugs have become such a problem that he blocks the road to keep buyers from parking in his yard. He and other neighbors wonder if drugs will turn out to be the reason that four of their neighbors are dead. "Well, it is the last of the drug heads down here in the village that are going to corrupt our children," he said.

Police say they are working several leads but have not made any arrests or named any suspects.