Drug bust leads to 7 arrests


A Zionsville neighborhood is happy after police arrested three of their neighbors and four other people on drug related charges.

Thomas Gellersen, Nathan Spears, Gary Jenkins, Michelle O'Connor, and three underage teenagers were taken to the Boone County jail on Friday for a variety of charges involving marijuana.

Neighbors say they are pleased the police showed up, telling Eyewitness News there were long periods of time where you never saw an adult at the house.

One concerned resident called the authorities after the yard became unkempt. Police showed up earlier this summer as a part of a welfare check, the spark that started the two-month investigation.

According to police, Gellersen was arrested for having marijuana, maintaining a common nuisance, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Michelle O'Connor and an underage boy were allegedly dealing pot from the house. The others also face charges of marijuana possession with the exception of a 14-year-old from Greenwood, who was arrested for visiting a common nuisance.

The four adults were booked into the Boone County jail and have been released. The juveniles were released into the custody of their parents.