Driving dog blamed for Minnesota semi crash

The dog in this picture put a semi in gear and drove across a street before crashing. (Photo: Facebook/David Stegora)
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A Minnesota dog has apparently been watching too many Subaru commercials on TV.

The Mankato Free Press reports a truck driver's four-legged friend was behind a mysterious semi crash at a gas station in the area Friday afternoon. Witnesses saw the semi roll through a parking lot, across a street and over a curb, where it struck a tree and another vehicle.

But no one saw a driver.

That is, until one Good Samaritan jumped into the truck to stop it and found a yellow Lab in the driver's seat. 

Police say the adventurous pup apparently put the idling semi into gear, which sent it on its way. 

Police filed an accident report and took the semi off the road. No injuries were reported.)