Drivers warned to stay ahead of the storm or stay put

Edward Mason, left, was a little mad about missing the blizzard.
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Holiday travelers have two choices: return home ahead of the winter storm predicted for Wednesday, or stay put until it's over.

Mayor Greg Ballard has ordered "non-essential" personnel to stay home Wednesday. The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for the day. That warning expires at 7:00 pm for most counties in central Indiana. By the end of it, we could have anywhere from five to ten inches on the ground, and up to a foot is possible in some spots.

Snow removal workers are on standby to get the roads ready for the morning commute, and the city says it's working with contractors to work on clearing side streets.

A lot of holiday travelers we talked to Tuesday say the last thing they want is to get stuck behind a snow storm. Many of them made last-minute changes and decided to hit the road before the snow hits.

"We are hoping to make it there in time before that weather hits," said James Mason. He and his family were taking a break at the I-70 Plainfield rest area while driving back to Missouri.

Mason is traveling with his wife and three children, who were playing electronic games and watching movies to keep themselves occupied.

But nine-year-old Edward has a different take on the snow from his father.

"I am mad about that now. I did not know there was going to be a blizzard. All I know is I just watch news," said Edward, who was upset to be missing the storm.

"We don't want to get caught up in it. That is when accidents happen and people get stranded. Yeah, it's not a good thing," said his dad.

Driving in bad weather is not a good thing for New Jersey resident Charles Wright, either. They've already had one weather delay and hope to avoid Indianapolis' pending snow storm.

"We intended to drive onto Illinois, but we stayed overnight in Springfield because of the fog," said Wright.

With at least another day on the road ahead, Wright's plan was to stay ahead of the storm.

"I don't like driving in blizzards," said Wright. weather tools traffic info

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