Drivers still adjusting to new Allisonville bridge


People who drive on the northeast side of town have been anxiously awaiting the reopening of the Allisonville Road bridge. The bridge opened Tuesday, months ahead of schedule. But now that the bridge is open, drivers are still finding the area not easy to navigate.

The bridge is still a very active construction site. So while the bridge itself may be open, there's still work being done on the ramp system, and that's causing back ups, especially during rush hour. 

Quite a back up of northbound cars getting off from 465 piled onto Allisonville Road on Tuesday night. That said, the situation was still better than it was when the entire bridge over 465 was closed. At least now traffic to and from Allisonville Road can cross the bridge and alleviate some of the bumper-to-bumper congestion. 

"I'm glad it's open," said Leslie Tindal. "Hopefully my commute time will decrease."

The ramp and shoulder work could continue for another month. So beware of that when you drive in the area. You will still will find a lot of orange barrels and construction equipment entering and exiting the area. 

There also has been some confusion about exactly where to drive on the newly-paved bridge. In some areas, there are old lane markings and new lane markings, as well as those construction barrels.  So people driving on the new lanes for the first time were not always clear about exactly where to drive. 

That confusion may be part of the reason for the rush hour backups getting on and off of 465.  Still, drivers say the bridge opening is welcome news after a summer of serious congestion and months of work.

"By this being Indiana, when they start, some it takes them a while to finish it," said Willa Baxter. "So I'm glad they got the process going and it was less time than what they said."

The contractor was able to reopen the bridge early despite a ruptured water line under Allisonville Road that's needed repair.  Work on the ramp system will still continue for several more weeks. So it's still a good idea, if you travel in the Allisonville/465 area, to allow yourself a few extra minutes.