Drivers opt for hotels over snow-covered interstates

Several drivers have slid off a snow-covered Interstate 65.

Highway trucks hit the roads in central Indiana Tuesday afternoon, but keeping roads clear - especially with blowing and drifting snow and subfreezing temps - has been a challenge.

From Lafayette, you could see them on the southbound on ramp to Interstate 65. A long, slow line of traffic on the interstate, headed towards Clinton and Boone counties snarled by slide-offs and breakdowns.

Chris Hinton had just driven through Hamilton and Boone counties from the south.

"Definitely a few wrecks on the way, icy conditions, stuff like that," he told Eyewitness News.

Faced with that challenge, some people just checked into motels off the highway. Alicia Hanawalt did that instead of risking a 48-mile, white-knuckled drive home from work.

"I started going home and got on 65. It was really hard to see with the wind blowing snow and stuff. I thought it would be best to stay here," she said.

Also leaving tracks in the motel parking lots are some big rigs. One trucker came all the way from Kansas through the storm. Sherry Wike says she just got tired of driving roads that she called "wagon trails" to Indiana.

"The plows are out doing the best they can, but the wind is just blowing it right back shut again," Wike said. "I'm just glad I am out of the truck, for sure."