Drivers face treacherous trek on ice-bound roads

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The winter storm has left many roads impassable and the roads that are open have a layer of packed down snow and ice.

That could be a big problem for motorists who have to return to work Tuesday morning.

Eyewitness News saw a car crash into a pick-up truck on 96th Street, then a spin-off on US 31 Monday night.

"It's all ice. All the roads I've been on. I do locksmith work, every road has been treacherous," said Scott Berner.

Parts of US 31 had good tracks you could follow, but eventually they were snowed over.

"Definitely icy, slippery," said driver Bob Moorhead.

In Hamilton County, drivers were running out for some essentials and just getting out of the house.

"We just needed a break. Too many kids inside and trying to get a movie right now," said Ken Lipitz.

But a highway information board over Interstate 70 warned motorists to "avoid driving."

Plows were out on the roadways Monday night, but their salt cannot melt ice in below-zero temps.

On I-70 westbound near the Mount Comfort exit, we found a narrow strip where we could get a little traction.

Making the drive into the city was a treacherous forty-minute trek.  That's one reason Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recommends businesses stay closed or give workers the option to volunteer to make the drive in Tuesday.

Some were already dreading that drive Monday night.

"Actually, I need to go to work in the morning, so getting up early and probably take two hours to get downtown. We'll go slow. What would normally be a 40-minute drive, yeah," one driver said.

On roads that may be even worse Tuesday.

"They're slippery, really icy, got to go really slow, take a while to slow down," said Lipitz.

Moorhead was picking up his mother from work then Tuesday.

"I'm actually flying tomorrow. Hope my flight doesn't get canceled," he said.