Driver won't be charged in Indianapolis church bus crash

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The driver of a bus that crashed in July, killing three people on board and injuring dozens of others, will not be charged.

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office released its findings Monday into the investigation.

Dennis Maurer was driving the bus that careened into a concrete barrier on Keystone Ave. on July 27, 2013 while dozens of children and adults were on board, coming home from summer camp. Maurer was coming off the exit ramp when the crash occurred.

Prosecutor Terry Curry says the evidence "does not warrant criminal charges" against Maurer.

The bus was carrying members of the Colonial Hills Baptist Church.

Investigators determined that the traffic light at the I-465 exit ramp was red when the bus entered the intersection, and Maurer will be issued a traffic ticket for that infraction.

Crash reconstruction determined the bus was traveling between 40 and 45 mph at the time of the crash - within the posted speed limit.

The decision not to file charges was based on a review of the evidence, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigation, Indiana State Police investigation and toxicology screening results.

According to the report, "While speed in excess of the posted limit was not a factor, speed as estimated is considered the primary cause of this crash due to the driver's inability to safely negotiate the turn given the type of vehicle."

The bus was found to be in proper operating condition with no mechanical malfunctions, and Maurer was determined to be properly licensed to operate the bus.