Driver arrested for DUI after north side Indianapolis crash

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An Indianapolis man will spend the holiday weekend in jail. Arthur Ruffin, 38, was arrested for driving under the influence after losing control of his SUV. Eyewitness News has learned he should never have been behind the wheel.

The crashed happened at 46th and Keystone Avenue, leaving a number of luxury cars damaged.

Just before noon, firefighters had to free one of two people from an overturned SUV driven by Arthur Ruffin. Police suspect him of drinking and driving.

"Scared, shaken up, but I am fine," said Shawna Stallsworth, who told us Ruffin sideswiped her car before losing control. "He started to drive down the side of my car and out of nowhere he took off across the street, hit the curb and slammed into the cars and then rolled his vehicle."

When Ruffin rolled his SUV, he hit three pre-owned luxury cars at Elite Imports. Two of them are totaled.

Mahdi Khelifi was inside helping customers.

"I guess insurance can figure it out. There is not much we can do about it," said Khelifi, the manager of the car dealership.

Eyewitness News has learned that Ruffin has been in trouble for driving under the influence. Police arrested him June 4th. Now he can add this crash to that case which is still pending in court.