DPW crews spend Saturday filling potholes

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It seems everyone has a horror story involving a pothole after Indiana’s record setting winter.

In Indianapolis, the Department of Public Works said it had nearly 9,000 more potholes reported compared to this time last year.

Weeks after the snow and the bitter cold, leaders decided to hold a pothole blitz day on Saturday, sending 18 workers out to fill as many potholes as they could. Their work stretched from the main roads to the side and residential roads.

“I came out and told them I'm happy to see you guys,” said Edd Bell who lives off of 10th Street. “There's a chuck hole down there that's equivalent to a basement."

Drivers-turned-victims like Bell couldn't be happier to see them closed up. His wife drove through a pothole in their neighborhood which resulted in about $400 worth of damage.

“Money is tight and that wasn't in the plans but you've got to have your vehicle,” Bell said.

He's not alone.

“We drive this street pretty frequently and we actually hit a pot hole here in the dark and it cracked the front aluminum rim and now the front end shakes and we took it to a repair shop and they said there is $1,200 worth of damage,” said John Kroeger.

Unlike Bell, Kroeger hasn't been able to make those expensive repairs.

“It's been very frustrating because we don't feel safe. We don't get on the interstate,” Kroeger said.

Workers started Saturday with 3,849 reported potholes. They filled so many while they were out, they actually ran out of asphalt and had to get more.

“You can smell the asphalt, but I welcome it if that's what it takes to get us a half way decent street,” Bell laughed.

DPW has spent about $1.5 million so far on repairs, with more work to go. Pothole filling is only a temporary fix. When it comes to repaving, city leaders say they need about $24 million to get the job done.

To report a pothole or check the status of repairs, click here.