Dozens of car windows shot out on Indianapolis east side

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It is more than a bunch of teenagers roaming the streets with nothing to do and causing trouble. An east side neighborhood is being terrorized as dozens of car windows have been shot out.

The incidents occurred in a neighborhood near East 10th Street and North German Church Road.

Irving Garnette bought a retired police car a few months ago. On Saturday he spent most of the day having the window replaced.

A pellet shot through the window has done more than just make a hole in the glass.

"It went all the way through it and by the way that window looked, it had to be a powerful gun," said Garnette.

Garnette was up late the night his window was shot out. He didn't hear the shot that broke the glass but he did hear a car or truck with a loud muffler leave this neighborhood in a hurry.

This is the second time in a matter of months that vandals have hit Garnette. Another one of his vehicles was also struck when it was parked in the street.

Cars parked along the street seem to be the favored target for the vandals. Finding the victims is easy. Pools of broken glass are the calling cards left behind by the suspects.

Jose Vasques had just replaced the glass of his truck, and before he could get the glass swept up off the street, the driver's side window of his other car was shot out. Vasques believes the same people struck his vehicle twice. They didn't stop at the window, either. They smashed in the door and knocked the mirror off the car.

Most of the victims believe the vandals are most likely boys that live in the neighborhood.

Garnette says those young men need to meet the long arm of the law, and soon.

"You work too hard for your things and to have somebody play and destroy it like that," he said.

The average cost to replace car windows is close to $400. Garnette estimates the vandals have cost him and his neighbors upwards of $10,000 - money he says the suspects should be forced to repay when they are caught.