Downtown shooting suspect has several arrests in past

Eron Bonner was arrested Thursday for the shooting death of Monquize Edwards.
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The man accused of fatally shooting a teenager downtown on July 4 has a troubled past, police records show.

Police say 18-year-old Eron Bonner is a known gang member, with several arrests on his record.

After seeing himself in a security camera picture released by police, Bonner went to talk to detectives about the shooting of 16-year-old Monquize Edwards outside Circle Centre Mall. Homicide investigators released several pictures, trying to find out who shot and killed Edwards.

Court documents show video from surveillance cameras inside and outside the mall on July 4 played a huge role in learning what led to the shooting. Police say they could see Bonner and Edwards arguing on camera about their gang affiliations.

An officer working crowd management heard gunfire shortly after breaking up a group of teens near Maryland and Illinois streets. Police found Edwards on the sidewalk after 40-50 teens ran for cover. Some of those same teenagers spent Friday afternoon under the close watch of police outside the church where they attended his visitation.

Homicide investigators say Facebook pictures of Bonner show him wearing the same hat he was wearing when he was caught on camera downtown.

Bonner's background reveals six arrests since 2009, when he was 14, including an attempted robbery at a Village Pantry store on East New York Street, near his home. He is now facing felony murder charges.

Because of the downtown shooting, police officers will not only be on every corner during Summer Celebration, but will also concentrate on the middle of the block to help manage crowds.