Downtown construction impacts Colts game day traffic

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Many downtown commuters are still trying to find their best option for a way into work since the north-south split closed for construction on the east side of downtown.  Thousands more will deal with the construction for the first time this weekend as they come downtown for the Colts home opener on Sunday.

Both the team and the city are concerned about traffic.

The 59-day projected construction window overlaps the heart of the Colts season, with four home games likely affected. INDOT and Colts are warning fans to plan ahead on game days.

See what's open and what's closed.

INDOT is adding additional message boards with information to guide you to and from Lucas Oil Stadium. You'll see those around Marion County.

There are usually backups to and from Colts games on a normal Sunday, so the detours are expected to slow things down even more.  And outbound traffic after games has everyone most concerned.

IMPD believes these modifications will streamline outbound traffic during the construction project.

  • Traffic southbound on Capitol will be routed onto westbound I-70, including any vehicles exiting the south lot onto Capitol.
  • Vehicles exiting the south lot onto eastbound McCarty will also be routed onto westbound I-70.
  • Vehicles exiting the south lot onto westbound McCarty will be routed across McCarty to southbound West Street or northbound Missouri after it is re-opened.  This follows the current procedure.
  • Vehicles exiting the south lot onto northbound Missouri will be able to access I-70 east or I-65 north by traveling north on West Street to 11th Street.
  • Vehicles coming from the neighborhood south of LOS and going eastbound on McCarty will be routed onto westbound I-70.
  • Vehicular traffic on McCarty, east of Capitol Avenue, will proceed eastbound on McCarty to the I-70/ I-65 on ramps.
  • Traffic routed onto westbound I-70 will have the ability to turn around at the Harding Street exit to go eastbound on I-70 to southbound I-65.

Colts fans can check the team website for more traffic and detour information. 

So plan to get downtown early and tailgate.  Then, when heading home from the game, be patient.

Maps and directions to Lucas Oil Stadium that will avoid the downtown I-65/I-70 closure.

Southbound I-65 and westbound I-70 access to the Michigan St., Ohio St. and Fletcher Ave. ramp system remains open. Motorists using I-65 Exit 111 and I-70 Exit 83A are encouraged to use all ramps in the system to improve traffic flow and avoid backups to Fletcher Ave. Large trucks should follow the official I-465 detour around the south side of Indianapolis unless headed to a local destination.

More info on game day traffic.

· The eastbound I-70 ramp to southbound I-65 is shifted to a temporary configuration requiring a 30 MPH speed limit for approximately two weeks.

· The Pine St. ramp from New York St. and Ohio St. has two lanes open to both northbound I-65 and eastbound I-70.