"Down ballot" races

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Carrie Cline/Eyewitness News

The sprint is on to election day! With three days to go, candidates are running in super pursuit mode trying to round up every vote possible.

While some candidates are dominating the airwaves, others are treading water trying not to let the barrage of ads drown them out. 

Eyewitness News took a look at one local lesser known race to see how some candidates are managing to stay afloat.

Their names and faces are everywhere! The campaign commercials and headlines have taken center stage in central Indiana making it tough for anyone else to get a word in!

That's why Susan Brooks, the Republican running for the newly re-zoned fifth Congressional district, is staying on the road and taking her message straight to the voters, grassroots style!

"Whether it's a Kiwanis meeting-like we were at a Kiwanis breakfast this morning in Fishers, chamber of commerce meetings--groups of people--church meetings--wherever we can meet groups of people and get our message out is the way we've done it," said Susan Brooks, Republican 5th Congressional District Candidate.

Thanks to a television commercial that just started airing a couple of weeks ago, you may already know Susan's face. But, what about her challenger? Ever seen him? Meet Scott Reske.

"We've been talking to voters for months now--been talking to them on the phone-I like to shake hands or meet people and look them in the eye," said Scott Reske, Democratic 5th Congressional District Candidate.

Reske says some of the big headlines have made his job easier.

"The women are concerned about the Mourdock comment and how my opponent stood with him--so they're very concerned America is moving back 40 to 60 years," said Reske.

"People who know me and know about my race know I have been a strong advocate for women and families most of my career," said Brooks.

And in this final stretch of a long, hard race, establishing those personal connections could make all the difference.

Like most candidates, Brooks and Reske have a full slate of campaign stops planned for the final days of this long, hard race.