Double coupons fast becoming rare

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Attention grocery shoppers: You have one less place to cash in on double coupons. Meijer is ending its double couponing later this month.

Coupons have become a staple for grocery shopping.

We just listened in as a Meijer shopper pointed to the three stacks of coupons she had at her disposal Monday afternoon.

"This is my 'maybe if they are on sale.' The stuff I wanted to get; and this is the 'if they have it I might get it,'" she explained.

In the past, a store might have doubled the coupons. But Meijer is going to follow Marsh and Kroger's lead and end that later this month.

I asked Jenny Rae Karst how she felt about that.

"No more double coupons. Well, you get used to it. If it was a 50-center it was worth a dollar. So that was nice but you can adjust to new things. Might be easier than carrying them with you," she said, but laughed when we suggested that she use the app. "I don't know how to use it!"

But she is getting familiar with the new M Perks plan that offers a discount at the pharmacy among other places in the store.

Kroger recently announced it was eliminating the use of double coupons when it unveiled its new comprehensive overall price reduction plan last month. Marsh took the same step and is now offering coupons on its website and offering gas specials for shopping at the store.

Dennis Goodman is head of marketing at Marsh.

"Some people want to clip coupons. Some people don't. Some people like direct mail, some people like email coupons. They is trying to figure out what people like," he said.

The goal is to maximize time and savings. One viewer emailed us to say by combining regular coupons with M Perks plan at Meijer you can get even a greater price break than you would have with double coupons. So if you're thrifty, there still is a way.