Don't get the flu from your cell phone!

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If you have a cell phone, consider these common-sense ideas from AT&T about making sure your phone doesn't become a germ-transmitting device.

  1. If you share your phone with friends or family, be careful. You may be sharing more than just your phone. You may be spreading a virus!
  2. Wash your hands frequently. Sing a verse from a familiar song (e.g., "Happy Birthday") while lathering and rinsing. Don't rush. If soap and water are not available to wash hands then use disinfectant like hand sanitizer.
  3. Wash your phone! If you think it has been contaminated, disinfect your phone. Use a wrung-out disinfectant wipe or spray a paper towel with disinfectant. Don't spray the phone. (Remember that washing your hands and then touching a dirty phone or keypad is self-limiting).
  4. Try using a Bluetooth device or other hands-free headset, minimizing your keypad-to-face exposure.
  5. Don't – please don't – use your phone in a restroom.  Some things can wait!