Dog rescued from ice on White River; runs away

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Firefighters rescued a dog from the ice on the White River near the South Grove Golf Course Thursday, but the mutt is still on the loose.

The call came in as a drown-rescue incident at 1800 West 18th Street. That's on the Indianapolis west side.

Firefighters with the Indianapolis Fire Department quickly figured out that it was a canine in trouble. IFD believes the dog got out to an island when the ice was thicker. The ice turned to slush, trapping the dog. A boat was brought in to rescue the dog.

The dog had tags and Animal Control believes the dog has an owner. But when the Animal Control van arrived, the dog broke loose and ran away. The dog has not been found.

Firefighters typically try to rescue stranded animals because of concern about civilians attempting a rescue and placing themselves in harm's way.

If you spot the dog, call Animal Control at 327-1397.