Dog finds new home after violent abandonment

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An Indianapolis couple is taking care of a new pet after witnessing a case of animal abuse or abandonment.

It's been an usual day for Daryle Tavor.

"I am calling him 'Buddy,' but I don't know what his name is," Tavor said as he played in the backyard with his new best friend.

The two buddied up after Tavor saw him come flying out of the back of a turning pickup truck in his southwest Indianapolis neighborhood Monday morning.

"He came flying out of the truck and hit the ground and hit the pole. I thought he wouldn't get up," Tavor remarked.

He got into his car and ran the driver down to tell him what had happened, but driver never looked back.

"You would have to have a cold heart to do that," Donna Tavor observed.

So the Tavors posted about the dog on Craigslist and the Indy Pit Crew drove to the rescue.

"We seen him on Craigslist, what they say happened to him. Threw him out on the side of the road. If you don't want the dog, take him to a shelter, find somebody who will take it," Heather Woolworth said.

Woolworth and Joseph Wilson showed up to do what the presumed owner would not - to claim him.

"I've never seen anything like it in all my days of having animals. Anybody who would do that to a dog would do their kids. I'm sorry," Donna Tavor added.

"I hate to see animals treated like that. If you can't take care of them, that is fine, but find somebody who can take care of them," Daryle Tavor said.

"Go get you some food and get you some balls to play with and a big backyard you can run in," Joseph Wilson said to the dog as they got to know each other playfully in the backyard.

"I gave the original owner the chance to come back and get his dog," Daryle Tavor stated as if he was trying to justify the decision to find the dog a new home.

But the old owner didn't come back. So now Buddy, who with a little boost, went along willingly with his new family, has a new home and a new name - "Max."

Max's new owners say the first thing he was going to do when he got home was take a bath.