Dog attacks and kills Indiana baby in Ohio

Jonathon Quarles, Jr.
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A 7-month-old boy was killed by his family's dog Sunday.

Johnathan Quarles, Jr.'s family was visiting relatives in Dayton, Ohio, when the attack happened. The dog in question is an American Staffordshire Terrier.

"It's just disbelief. I still can't believe it," said Johnathan Quarles, Sr., the boy's father. "He was joyful and playful. He liked to laugh and smile, you know?"

A neighbor called 911.

DISPATCHER: "Okay, and what did you say was dead?"
CALLER: "The baby. She just knocked on my door, banging on my door. She had the baby in her hand and the baby's not breathing. I need you to get here now."

The circumstances are still under investigation, but Johnathan's grandmother said someone should have known better.

"This was an innocent baby," said Nicole Quarles. "The dog, no matter what kind of dog it is, shouldn't be left around a baby. And whoever was watching was irresponsible."

"It's a hard loss, added Quarles, Sr. "It's a child. It's an infant, you know. It bring a lot of joy. That's a little angel. It's just take it a day at a time."

A day at a time to understand how a child - not yet even able to walk - is suddenly gone.

Meanwhile, the family offered a warning: "You never know what a dog will do. You never know. It could be the best dog, but somewhere along the line there may be something that triggers a dog," said Nicole Quarles.

The owner of the dog faces criminal charges for an incident last month where the dog is accused of attacking another dog. Dayton Police have not filed any charges in the death of Johnathan Quarles, Jr.