DNR officer shoots deer who became neighborhood pet


A central Indiana neighborhood is dealing with the loss of a friendly deer who became the neighborhood pet. A conservation officer put down the deer this weekend after the animal reportedly attacked a child.

"He was very friendly from the first day I saw him," said Olivia Burris.

Burris and Carie Crafton are sad about the death of the deer who wandered the neighborhood, allowing people to pet him. They have hundreds of snapshots with the deer, plus up close and personal videos.

"Usually, deer don't come up to you and I realized that this deer is very unique. He's very different," Burris said.

"He was very sweet the first time I met him. We didn't really want to tame him by any way, we just drove by every once in awhile and checked on him," Crafton said.

In one video, you can see the deer standing with kids at their school bus stop. But the Department of Natural Resources calls it unsafe, especially after receiving a report about the same deer attacking a student, forcing a conservation officer to put the deer down using his firearm.

Burris strongly believes the deer would have never hurt anyone. News of his death brought one of her sons to tears.

"My son came home from school yesterday and wrote a letter and sat and cried and that breaks my heart," she said.

The DNR classifies deer as a wild animal and warns that even a deer approaching humans is abnormal, even if they are friendly.

So now, Burris and Crafton will respond differently to wild animals and have done their homework on helping get them back to nature.

"We know where to go now, where to take him or who to call to prevent this from happening," Crafton said.

DNR warns when wild animals like deer get this close to humans, something is wrong, because they are wild by nature.