Diet, exercise result in big weight loss for WTHR anchor John Stehr

Diet, exercise result in big weight loss for WTHR anchor John Stehr
John Stehr has lost almost 40 pounds this year.
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Over the last month, we've heard from many viewers asking, "Is John Stehr okay?"

There has been a dramatic change in the Eyewitness News anchor, who recently invited our crew to his house in Zionsville and even offered to make breakfast for our conversation about his health.

"Do I look sick? I must look sick, because a lot of people have asked if I'm not well," John said.

He does look different, as evidenced by a picture from last August with his kids and his wife, Amy.

"We knew we're a little out of whack, but we didn't know we were this out of whack," Amy said.

In February, John went for his annual physical with Dr. Jonathan Marsh, who revealed John's health numbers were trending in the wrong direction. One was his weight.

"I just kept going up and up and up and adding a couple of pounds a year until I got to the point where I was getting pretty heavy," John said.

But there were other indicators, too.

"When the bloodwork came back, he said 'There are a couple of things here are not in the danger zone, but I see over the past few years that you are heading in that direction'," John said.

He decided to change course. Amy led the way, first suggesting they drink broth before a meal, so they felt more satisfied and limit carbs to the morning. She also recommended they try the Fitness Pal app on their smartphones.

"We liked the fact that you could monitor how many pounds that you could lose in a week," Amy said.

The free program calculates your net calories. It was revealing.

"We were just eating too much. There is just no other way to say it. Our best friends now are measuring cups and measuring spoons," Amy said.

"I didn't realize I was consuming as many calories as I was and when you start writing it down and being very deliberate about writing it down, man, I noticed I was way over what I should be and I didn't think I was, but I was," John said. "I thought at first, 'I'm just getting older, my metabolism is not the same,' but I had to look at the reality, 'No, that's not it, I'm also not making good choices here with what I am eating and the way I am living my life.'"

Amy created a menu planner she saw on Pinterest and started planning meals a week at a time.

"I probably have 30 tags to choose from," she said.

John limited his net calories to 1,650 a day, he burns about 250 calories a day walking his dog, "Caicos." After the first few weeks, the weight started to drop.

"From my peak, I'm down 39 pounds," John said.

His waist dropped from 38 inches to 34, which meant a new wardrobe and another visit to the doctor for a checkup.

"You look fantastic," Marsh told John.

In just six months, all of John's numbers are better. His total cholesterol is down, his healthy cholesterol is up 10 percent and his triglycerides and blood sugar is now in the ideal range. His blood pressure dropped 20 points, reducing his risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

"Hopefully more people will follow the example of what you have done. It's just fantastic overall for your health. I couldn't be happier for ya, looks great," Marsh said.

Many of you have asked about the recipes.  Amy Stehr says she found them at Cooking Light.  It's easy to keep track because there is calorie information and serving size data.

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