Diet Coke under pressure?

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Diet Coke, the country's Number 2 soda, may be losing some of its pop.

During a conference call with analysts, a Coca-Cola executive noted Tuesday that Diet Coke is "under a bit of pressure" because of people's concerns over its ingredients, alluding to the growing wariness of artificial sweeteners in recent years.

Steve Cahillane, who heads Coca-Cola's North American and Latin American business, noted that the issue wasn't specific to Diet Coke, but that many diet foods and drinks in the U.S. are facing the same concerns.

Callihane says, quote, "We believe very strongly in the future of Diet Coke." He stresses that the drink is still the No. 2 soda in the U.S, after knocking Pepsi from that perch in 2010. The company said it still sells twice as much regular Coke as Diet Coke.

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