Detectors monitoring air around Super Bowl Village

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There is secret surveillance among the crowds downtown, monitoring against any type of bio attack.

Andrea Solomon says safety doesn't really cross her mind most times. When her family visited the Super Bowl Village, they had no idea someone was constantly testing the air they breathed. It's called Bio-Watch.

"Checking for anything that could cause respiratory problems for anybody during the Super Bowl. This is considered a special event," said Marion County Health Department Bureau Chief Dana Reed Wise.

As part of federal security measures, especially around Lucas Oil Stadium, health department workers can't reveal the portable sample units.

Either way, Solomon just wants to enjoy Indy's Super Bowl season worry-free.

"Obviously, I would not be bringing my children here if I thought they were going to be in any danger," Solomon said.

The portable sample units in Super Bowl Village are highly classified and no one knows exactly what they look like, but they're not really hidden. However, the public usually never notices the units are always taking samples of the air we breathe.

"The lab runs the samples at the state and if anything is unusual, then we start our process of notification," Wise said.

Health department workers test the air year round, but this week, they're on assignment to make sure the air is super safe.