Detectives tracking down leads in 15-year-old's death, burning

Dominique Allen
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Metro Police are gathering evidence in the case of a murdered Ben Davis freshman whose killer set her body on fire behind a west side home.

The murder has shaken her family and the school community, and it leaves the unanswered question: who could commit such a violent crime, and why?

Detectives spent much of Wednesday tracking down what they knew was likely a false lead - social media postings purporting to be a person confessing to the murder. Again, police didn't think it was credible, but they couldn't rule anything out.

Throughout the day, people stopped by to pay their respects, still shocked by the murder of 15-year-old Dominique Allen, who was, according to police, the victim of a random attack. Detectives believe she was strangled at an abandoned home on Lynn Street, then brought to a back yard on Elder where her body was set on fire.

The brutality of the crime was difficult for even strangers to understand.

"I'm a mother and I can imagine how they feel and it's just really, really sad and it hits close to home and it's really, really sad," said LaVetra Patterson of Indianapolis. "A beautiful young lady, life's just gone. And I just hope they find (the murderer)."

At this point, police have named no suspects in this crime.

"it is very important that this person be captured - or people, whoever - just because there are children still walking around, her age and younger," added Zenobia Haynes, also of Indianapolis. "so, it's very important that this be solved. It is very sad. Very sad."

Meanwhile, the family of a close friend of Dominique who has been missing for several days got some good news Wednesday night. Karensha Phelps returned home around 6:30 p.m. safe and sound, according to IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams.

Despite their friendship, police never connected the cases.